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We offer services and products to make working with our expert Orthopedic Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist easy and convenient!

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Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

Not sure about scheduling or just wondering how we can help?

Let’s start with a FREE discovery call/text to find out about our services and if we are the right fit for you.

30 minute quick virtual consult

Don’t have time for a full session? Then this is a great option!

During a 30 minute consult, Rose will review your medical history and symptoms and provide you with an appropriate home program of soft tissue work, range of motion exercises, strengthening (if appropriate), recommendations on equipment and instructions on modifying everyday activities. All this is dependent, however, on time.

Get started on your road to recovery and your return to life!

Cost: $40



We accept cash and credit (all major credit cards accepted).

Please contact us if you are having trouble paying for services, but need our help.

For California residents only: I do not accept insurance however, my services may be covered by your insurance provider. A superbill (which I can provide) and a doctor’s prescription will be required in order to try to receive reimbursement by your insurance company. The reimbursement, however, is not guaranteed. We also accept HSA and FSA for one-on-one sessions (a doctor’s prescription is also needed). This does not apply to the Provider’s course.

Contact us for any questions on our services and products and payments.